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Biden Will Stagger On All the Way To The Election

By Kurt Schlichter


Joe Biden’s Friday interview with dwarf propagandist George Stephanopoulos hit the sweet spot – our sweet spot, and Crusty’s. His bizarre performance was not so utterly terrible as to force the Democrat Party to act to get rid of him (to the extent it ever could), but it was still terrible enough for normal people to look at that grinning, dead-eyed golem and know that he’s a mere husk of what once passed for a man. The alleged president – or, rather, his Very Real Doctor wife and the various straphangers and courtiers who make up Biden, Inc., –  will not call off this fight. They will go the distance because they have no other choice. The next four months of humiliation is a small price to pay for the chance to hold on for another term of pulling the strings on the corrupt and perverted marionette masquerading as our chief executive. 

Joe Biden is running or, rather, stumbling, and there’s really nothing the Democrats can do about it except listen to the violinists playing on the deck as the Titanic slips beneath the waves. Apparently, only the Lord Almighty can talk Biden into dropping out, but if President Daddyshowers won’t listen to Him about killing babies, there’s no chance Biden will listen to Him about this.

The Democrat conundrum is good for us as Republicans, at least until one of our many emboldened enemies decides to take a look at the White House, sees that the “VACANCY” sign is lit, and decides to nuke us ‘til we glow. A wounded Joe Biden is a weakened Joe Biden, and the polls tell the tale. Look where we are. We’re not talking about Trump fighting for North Carolina or even Georgia, Arizona, or Nevada anymore. We’re talking about Trump fighting for Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and even (gasp) Virginia – something that choosing Glenn Youngkin for VP might truly put within Donald Trump’s grasp. Biden is sundowning electorally, too, and there is no reason to believe that anything will come along in the next 16 weeks to reverse the decline. 

But there is still hope for him and his lackeys. You have a chance to win if you get on a major party’s ballot – and he is firmly on the ballot unless he and his wranglers decide otherwise. Trump was supposed to get crushed in 2016; he did not. When you have a 30% chance of winning, you will win about a third of the time. Biden can still slouch and mumble his way to a second term – or what part of it he manages to pantomime before Kamala Harris can corral enough cabinet secretaries and others to 25th Amendment him back to Delaware for good. This is no time for us to get cocky…


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