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BIDEN’S CLASSIFIED DOCS: Law Prof Raises Stakes — ‘Lawyers Likely Witnesses In Criminal Investigation’



If Democrats were hoping this issue would quietly blow over, then they misjudged how high public expectations have been since the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Every detail of classified document handling has now been elevated to ‘National Emergency’ status, and because of the DOJ’s very public criminalizing of their investigation of Trump, the expectation has been set that any subsequent investigation into the Biden family should be scrutinized every bit as carefully.

To hear Biden’s friends in the press tell the story, everything on the Biden side of this ledger has been on the up-and-up. Nothing to see here. We found some things, and handled it by the book.

But Johnathan Turley, a Law Professor from George Washington U — who was one of the few impeachment witnesses Schiff actually permitted to stand in Trump’s defense — doesn’t see it that way. If anything, their handling of the Biden classified documents issue from the time the error (?) was first discovered has likely taken the problem from bad to worse.




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