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Big Brother’s got a new toy—and you won’t like it!

Robot crime dog—he can smell everywhere you’ve been—forever!

Forget lasering your fingerprints or wearing a hairnet and gloves at the scene of your next crime. Very soon the government won’t need your DNA or prints—they’ll be able to follow the trail of bugs you leave everywhere. And the bad news is, this evidence can’t be erased or covered up—because it’s everywhere you’ve ever been.

What? That’s just nasty!

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Your bugs (microbes or microorganisms) are unique to you, and they even leak through your clothes, and out of every orifice (yep, those too) of your body. Your skin, hair, breath, saliva, and even your gut contain colonies of these little critters, and it is this unique population (damn multi-culturalism) of all these different types of microbes that set you apart from the billions of other people on the planet. And no, you can’t wash them off.

Post-crime checklist

While you were committing your last crime, did you brush up against something, sit down, or walk across the carpet? What about breathing—did you do that too? Book em Dano! Microbes are the new bread crumbs of CSI and you ain’t getting away with nothin. These communities of microorganisms are contained inside and on every plant, animal, rock, body of water or column of air, and each is different, just like you. As you walked across your yard they got on your shoes and then you left them all over the crime scene.


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