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Bill Melugin Shares Video of a Lot of Illegal Immigrants Getting Off a Bus

By Brett T. 


Earlier, we showed how Fox News’ Bill Melugin managed to torpedo with one video Axios’ claim that the border “is more fortified than it’s ever been.” Border states like Texas sending busloads of illegal immigrants to blue cities woke up quite a few Biden supporters, like New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who said the state had reached the “breaking point” and that New York City would not be the city we remember unless the illegal immigrant crisis was addressed.

Bill Melugin has some video of illegal immigrants getting off a bus. We don’t believe this is one of the buses sent by Texas; it’s more likely an NGO getting involved. These illegals all said they plan on heading to blue cities to work, though we were assured by the Democrats they were here to pick vegetables.

And they’ll be able to get on planes with no ID other than the paperwork given to them by the Border Patrol. They can even opt out of having their photos taken by the TSA just by asking…


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