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Birth Day Abortion: Blood Is On The Hands Of Silent Pastors In California, Michigan, Vermont

By Breanna Claussen


As California’s gruesome Proposition 1 is approved by voters, one pastor in the state is laying the blame at the feet of silent pulpits for neglecting their responsibility before God to speak up.

The passing of the Proposition 1 ballot initiative, goes far beyond simply making abortion a protected right. Proposition 1 will enshrine limitless up till birth abortion into the state’s Constitution. Additionally, due to its broad and vaguely written text, Alliance Defending Freedom warns that Proposition 1 can also be used to target religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and parental rights.

“We are extremely disappointed and saddened that Proposition 1 has passed in California,” Karen England and Gina Gleason, Co-Directors for Stop Prop 1, said in a statement. “Despite the strong support we received, the majority of California voters chose death over life. We will continue to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. It’s not acceptable for California to become America’s graveyard for the unborn.”

Jack Hibbs, the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and Founder of Real Impact, was not going to let Proposition 1, which he referred to as “the Birth Day Abortion amendment and the most radical legislation attempt in the history of the United States,” slip by without notice.



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