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Black Fox News Analyst Kicked Out of Miami Restaurant After White, Female Owner Eavesdrops on His “Conservative” Conversation [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray 


Why are Democrats so intolerant?

Why are they so close-minded? Is it because they are afraid of having a conversation that might force them to explain their views? Why do minorities who work hard and achieve the American dream make them so angry? And do they really believe their abhorrent behavior toward successful minorities with conservative views is going unnoticed?

On Saturday, Silk of “Diamond and Silk” spoke at her sister Diamond’s funeral after she suddenly dropped dead in her home. Silke explained that she didn’t want to have her sister’s funeral in their church because her sister was political and many of the people who attend their church would get all “holier than thou” about her passion for politics. It was a nice way of saying the congregants of their church wouldn’t allow Diamond’s funeral to be about her love for President Trump and for conservative politics because they are intolerant of opposing political views and were unwilling to give Diamond a free pass off the Democrat Party plantation, even after she died.





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