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Black Lives Matter Gets It Wrong Again

By Jeff Charles

Black Lives Matter (BLM) enjoyed a level of popularity after the murder of George Floyd. But the activist group may be wearing out its welcome. When it became clear the global organization was irresponsible with its financing at best or a cynical fraud at worst, the group’s influence waned considerably. But it is not just its questionable budgeting issues that have garnered criticism; it is also the fact that its crusade against the police isn’t about justice as much as it would have the world believe.

Black Lives Matter Ignores Real Victims

On July 15, BLM activists gathered in Minneapolis to honor Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, who was shot by authorities earlier in the week, and to protest against local law enforcement. It is the latest police shooting of a black man to gain national attention from the usual suspects — including attorney Benjamin Crump and his ilk. However, as is typical…

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