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Black Lives Matter Turns on Top Democrat for Wishing Death upon Republicans

By Jay Greenberg

Rhode Island Democratic Party top official slammed for ‘blatant disregard for human life’

Black Lives Matter has turned against a top Democrat official after she made public statements wishing death for Republicans.

black lives matter has turned on a progressive democrat                 © press Black Lives Matter has turned on a progressive Democrat

BLM is demanding the resignation of the Rhode Island Democratic Party’s top leader Kate Coyne-McCoy after the Democrat strategist said she hoped Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) would die after contracting COVID-19.

BLM’s Rhode Island wing blasted the remarks as “blatant disregard for human life.”

According to her biography on Harvard’s Women and Public Policy Program, Coyne-McCoy “has devoted her career to the pursuit of progressive social change.”

Throughout her career, she has worked on hundreds of Democratic electoral and left-wing campaigns, according to her bio.

When she is not working on Democrat campaigns, Coyne-McCoy is teaching at Harvard.

democrat kate coyne mccoy has a history of wishing death on her opponents                         © press Democrat Kate Coyne-McCoy has a history of wishing death on her opponents

On August 2, 2021, Sen. Graham, 66, revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19, despite being vaccinated.

“I was just informed by the House physician I have tested positive for COVID-19 even after being vaccinated,” Graham said.

Following Graham’s announcement, Coyne-McCoy tweeted her feelings on the situation.

“It’s wrong to hope he dies from Covid right? Asking for a friend. #COVIDISNOTOVER #LINDSEYGRAHAM,” Coyne-McCoy wrote.

The tweet was soon taken down but not before Matthew Foldi, a reporter for the Free Beacon posted a screenshot.

“The de facto executive director of the @RIDemParty apparently wants #SCEN @LindseyGrahamSC to die of coronavirus,” Foldi wrote along with the picture.

However, Coyne-McCoy’s “poor judgment” was not a singular instance, according to Black Lives Matter.

In fact, the Marxist organization discovered an apparent pattern in Coyne-McCoy’s tweets where she wishes death upon Republicans.

Last March, Coyne-McCoy responded to a picture that included then-President Donald Trump, members of his Cabinet, top congressional Republicans, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, among others, by saying her “gut reaction” to the photo is that hoped each person in the photo dies.

She said, “I am not proud of my gut reaction which is ‘I hope they all die.'”

In response to the troubling remark, Rhode Island Black Lives Matter PAC released a statement demanding Coyne-McCoy’s “immediate resignation.”

The group cites Coyne-McCoy’s “blatant disregard for human life:”

In a time where many human lives have been lost to COVID-19 all across Rhode Island, this comment is extremely distasteful and insensitive.

Regardless of political affiliation, the disregard for human life is unacceptable and should not be tolerated anywhere within any political party.

How can we trust someone with such blatant disregard for human life with the will of RI voters?

Anyone affiliated with the Democratic Party should be held to a higher standard, as McCoy was hired to “modernize the party and position Democrats to win from the top to the bottom of the ballots.”

Anything short of an immediate resignation, would signal that these types of comments are acceptable within the RI Democratic (sic) Party.

democrat kate coyne mccoy wished that sen lindsey graham r sc would die                         © press Democrat Kate Coyne-McCoy wished that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) would die

In a separate statement provided to Fox News about Coyne-McCoy’s 2020 tweet, RI BLM said, “Wishing death on people is customary for the RI Democratic Party Chief Political Strategist Kate Coyne McCoy, as she made similar comments back in March of last year.”

“BLM RI PAC strongly urges RI Governor Dan McKee and House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi to call for her immediate resignation, as those views regardless of political affiliation should never be accepted,” the group added.

Despite the bipartisan outrage facing Coyne-McCoy, top Democrats in Rhode Island are bucking the backlash.

Rhode Island House Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi (D), for example, said he spoke with Coyne-McCoy and was satisfied with her admission of regret.

“Kate Coyne-McCoy’s tweet from her personal account was offensive and it does not reflect my views or those of the Rhode Island Democratic Party,” Shekarchi told the Providence Journal.

“I have spoken to her and she is extremely remorseful, and I’m pleased she apologized.”

Meanwhile, Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee (D) refused to call for Coyne-McCoy’s resignation, saying he thinks Democrats should “let the process play out.”


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