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BLF Mngxitama breaks silence: “Current looting and riots in SA is a ‘dress rehearsal’ for ‘civil war against whites’

Leader of Black Land First movement Andile Mngxitama has weighed in on the numerous racial crisis in South Africa.

According to details of his correspondence with The Citizen on Tuesday, leader of Black First Land First (BLF) Andile Mngxitama, commenting on ongoing attacks on foreigners in South Africa, said: “One day we [will] turn it against whites. Just you watch.”

He was asked to clarify this comment, which overlapped with another controversial statement on Twitter on Tuesday night by EFF leader Julius Malema, who called on black South Africans to redirect their anger at “white monopoly capital”.

“The current apocalyptic scenes of charred buildings and carcasses of motorcycles eaten by fire is a mere dress rehearsal of an eventuality awaiting white South Africa,” he told The Citizen.

“The violence is currently black centred, but its source is in fact the structure of South African economic apartheid. This structure was created by white people under apartheid and continued by black political leaders who are bought by the same white money.”

His comments echoed those of Malema’s, with the EFF leader saying the ANC was “protecting … white monopoly capital”.

EFF opponents AfriForum called Malema’s comments “racist incitement”, after Malema called for “African brothers and sisters” to rather direct their anger at the “owners of wealth … white monopoly capital”.

Mngxitama, who is highly critical of Malema and his former party the EFF, said that the current riots in South Africa were incorrectly termed xenophobia, when it was instead a “black-on-black war”.

“This black-on-black war, incorrectly named xenophobia, saw a wave of violence in 2008 on the wake of which 63 black people were murdered. Since then, every three years or so, a wave of this violence flares up with increased intensity. The cycle is getting more regular in tandem with periods of heightened economic hardship. But these cycles are also getting bigger. It’s just a matter of time before they transgress into the secured white zone and enact an anti-colonial civil war of blacks marauding hordes as anticipated by JM Coetzee in his memorable novel Waiting for the Barbarians.

“The current waves of violence are driven more by secondary contradictions generated by the main contradiction, which remains out of the purview of the angry mob. As more black people can’t put food on the table they turn to their ‘outsider’ black neighbours, with whom they are competing for the crumbs that fall from tables of those who have in fact created these hardships. The white community is totally oblivious to the fact that there is a direct correlation between its comfort and the conditions that turn swathes of blacks into warring hordes.  READ MORE…

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