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Bolsonaro Says He’ll Accept Money For The Amazon If Macron Takes Back ‘Insults’

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is really milking the supposedly civilization-threatening wildfires in the Amazon for all they are worth. Of course, as ZH readers probably already know, the impact of the fires currently afflicting the world’s largest rainforest right now has been somewhat exaggerated by all of the celebrities posting on Instagram (some have gone so far as to suggest it could threaten our entire civilization).

And rather than cave to the millions who have used the wildfires as a political cudgel, Brazil’s pugnacious president instead used the ‘insult’ from French leader Emmanuel Macron in stride, then turned it back around on him by appearing to insult his wife.

Now, after all that, Bolsonaro said Tuesday that he would accept the $20 million in aide money that Macron has supposedly collected for him (not like $20 million will make that much of a difference) if the French leader agrees to recant all of the “insults” he has flung at the Brazilian leader.

This comes after Bolsonaro’s aides had said earlier that he would snub the plan and refuse to accept Macron’s money.

“First of all, Mr Macron must retract the insults he gave me. First, he called me a liar. Then, the information I had is that our sovereignty is up for grabs in the Amazon,” Mr Bolsonaro told reporters on Tuesday.

“So, before talking or accepting anything that comes out of France’s best possible intentions, he will have to take those words out and then we can talk.”


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