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Boston Medical Center Denies HIV-Positive Patient Life-Saving Care Over Face Mask Dispute



The Boston Medical Center is refusing to provide life-saving care to John Doe because he won’t wear a face mask during clinic visits.

While most of the country has moved on from the Covid histrionics of the past three years, some states and medical wards still refuse to live with the virus — and patients in need of life-saving treatments are paying the price.

In Boston, Massachusetts — the city where the Sons of Liberty took a stand against British absolutism in the years preceding the American Revolution — a modern-day patriot is staging his own battle against unjust tyranny. At 43 years old, a man using the pseudonym John Doe is fighting for his life in a legal battle against the Boston Medical Center (BMC), which has denied him access to life-saving medical treatment because he won’t wear a face mask during visits to the clinic.

A born and raised Bostonian, Doe was first diagnosed with HIV in April 2006 and has since been a regular patient at BMC’s Center for Infectious Diseases. As part of his treatment, he undergoes antiretroviral therapy (ART), which includes taking a drug combination tablet once a day and semi-annual in-person visits to BMC, where he has his blood drawn for analysis. If Doe doesn’t attend his appointments and get his blood analyzed, his pharmacy will not refill his ART prescription.



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