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Branch Covidians Unleashing Covid Tyranny Round 2 – Here’s How You Can Stop It! (Video)

The FDA Has Approved A New COVID Booster For People 6 Months And Older. Mask Mandates, Lockdowns, And Regulations Are Here. What Can You Do To Stop It?

The totalitarian forces behind the tyranny unleashed under the guise of “public health” in 2020 are cranking up the hysteria and trying to bring about round 2 of the COVID madness, warns The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. From new mask mandates to a new COVID booster, the fear-mongering is being cranked up to support the same exact policies that have hurt so many billions in recent years. This is a Deep State operation to undermine freedom and has nothing to do with public health, warns Newman. It is time for people everywhere to say NO.

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