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Brave Browser Planning New Censorship-Free Search Engine Free From Big Tech

By Richard Moorhead

The developers of privacy-based web browser Brave are developing a new search engine designed to compete with Silicon Valley behemoth Google, advertising a service that will be free from Big Tech’s notorious left-wing censorship.

The Tailcat search engine will reportedly offer its own privacy features, and rely on an index totally separated from infrastructure created by Big Tech.

Under the hood, nearly all of today’s search engines are either built by, or rely on, results from Big Tech companies. In contrast, the Tailcat search engine is built on top of a completely independent index, capable of delivering the quality people expect but without compromising their privacy,Brave said of the engine in a press release. “Tailcat does not collect IP addresses or use personally identifiable information to improve search results.

The Brave Browser has gained popularity with internet refugees seeking to escape Big Tech’s bias and centralized model of the internet. The Tailcat engine is advertising many of the same privacy features, in addition to neutral algorithms that eschew Google’s search engine rigging in support of establishment liberalism.

Brave will provide the first private browser+search alternative to the Big Tech platforms, and will make it seamless for users to browse and search with guaranteed privacy. Also, owing to its transparent nature, Brave Search will address algorithmic biases and prevent outright censorship.

Brave founder Brendan Eich is pointing to the increasingly popularity of the browser as an indication for desire for a new search engine, remarking that Brave’s user base has doubled from 11 million to 26 million over the past year.

Google’s days as the unchallenged king of search engines may be numbered, with internet users increasingly tired of the platform’s corruption, censorship, and anti-competitive practices.


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