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BREAKING: Alabama withdraws from ERIC—Two States Down—30 To Go Before Dirty Soros-Funded Vote Cheating Program Is Abolished In All States



By guest author, Patrice Johnson

Remember the viral Roomba YouTube showing a robot vacuum-smearing dog excrement across every square inch of a rug?

Even these days, if you rave about the wonders of your little Roomba, chances are a doubting Thomas will pooh-pooh the thought and cite fears of fecal spread.

We have to ask, How much raw feces do you have on your floors?

If you’re wondering where this message is going, it’s this: There are real and imaginary threats in this world. A rational person needs to step back and decide, Is this a real and present danger to my life, my family, and this republic?

Thankfully, my household lacks a loose-boweled dog, so pushing the green light on an unsupervised vacuum poses little existential risk. On the other hand, Michigan’s participation in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)–well, that’s a different matter. Thankfully, the word is spreading.

This month, Alabama’s newly inaugurated Secretary of State followed the lead of Louisiana and suspended participation in ERIC.

“I have heard repeatedly as I travelled through the state for the last year and a half that people want us out of ERIC,” Wes Allen stated in a press release. “They don’t want their personal information or the personal information of their children to be sent to this out-of-state group. I promised I would end our participation, and that is what I am taking these steps to do.”




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