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BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee Launches Inquiry into Fani Willis For Colluding with January 6 Committee!

By Noah


A couple days ago, I brought you a story about how President Trump could use a 1795 Law called “The Insurrection Act” to clean up America.

Oh, the irony!

That story here:

Trump May Deploy “Ironic” 1795 Law To Clean Up America

And now today it looks like Fani Willis is finally in the hot seat, for of all things….”collusion”.

The irony is thick recently, isn’t it?

You gotta love it, and you gotta wonder if God doesn’t have quite the sense of humor sometimes!

Check this out:

JUST IN: The House Judiciary committee has launched an inquiry into Fulton County DA Fani Willis for colluding with the January 6th committee.

The committee discovered a letter between Willis and Chairman Bennie Thompson.

“We have learned that Willis’s office coordinated its investigative actions with the partisan Select Committee,” the House Judiciary committee said.

The investigation stems from this letter…

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