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Breaking: Indianapolis FedEx Shooter is 19-Year-Old That Authorities had Reportedly Been Warned About [Video]

By Leisa Audette

A tragic mass shooting overnight at a FedEx facility near the Indianapolis airport left 8 dead and 5 hospitalized.

Local authorities have identified the deceased shooter as 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole, who they say was known to authorities before the shooting. A concerned family member had notified authorities before the mass shooting. Hole was an ex-employee of FedEx and was familiar with the facility.

The suspect went on a rampage, killing and injuring several at the FedEx facility before committing suicide.

A reporter confirmed that the authorities had been warned about this suspect:

Local reporter Angela Ganote has been speaking with several familiar with Brandon Hole:

“We have been at the home of Brandon Hole for a few hours and have talked to family and friends. They tell us Hole was fired from FedEx. We are still vetting more before we release it.”

Police took hole on March 3rd to the hospital:

A first-hand account of what happened:

It is being reported that investigators are searching a home on the far east side of Indianapolis associated with Brandon Hole and have seized evidence.

Authorities were seen removing desktop computers and other electronic media.

Photo credit WTHR


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