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BREAKING: James O’Keefe Put on Leave at Project Veritas. Has There Been a Coup?



Project Veritas, whose public face has always been its founder James O’Keefe, has been hit with a scandal. A whistleblower has come forward regarding the recent news that O’Keefe has been put on leave and stripped of his role in the company. According to this unnamed whistleblower, O’Keefe has fallen victim to a lack of proper corporate structure at Project Veritas, which is divided into two separate organizations with different boards and funding. The whistleblower alleges that two ringleaders, Matt Tyrmand and Barry Hinckley, have taken advantage of the situation to push O’Keefe out. The board members and C-suite officers involved in the attempt to remove O’Keefe are listed in the Twitter thread. The whistleblower describes the board’s decision as a “Stalinesque kangaroo court trial.”

Project Veritas has experienced huge success recently with its reinstatement on Twitter and the viral videos exposing corruption at Pfizer. The removal of James O’Keefe comes shortly after this win, and many people have speculated about the reasons behind it. Candace Owens of the Daily Wire has come out in support of O’Keefe, stating: “There is no Project Veritas without James O’Keefe. I say this as a donor to the organization, but more importantly, as a colleague who watched him pour everything he had into PV over the years. The money and supporters will follow James.”





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