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BREAKING: Look Who’s Suing MSNBC And ‘Rachel Maddow Show’ For Defamation Over Trump/Russia Hoax


WE will start by saying that MSNBC sucks and Rachel Maddow is a FREAK SHOW. I MEAN LOOKAT HIM/HER..

Well, it looks like their constant accusations against the great Devin Nunes may end up costing them a ton of cash or more problems.

Rep. Devin Nunes has filed a defamation lawsuit in federal court over remarks liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow made on her TV show about the California Republican and Ukrainian politician Andrii Derkach, Andrew Blake at The Washington Times reports.

Lawyers for Mr. Nunes sued MSNBC’s parent company for defamation Tuesday, placing NBCUniversal on the receiving end of the latest in a growing list of similar claims pursued by the congressman in court…

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