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BREAKING: MN Bank Threatens Mike Lindell…Remove Your Accounts In One Month To Protect Our “Reputation” Or We Will Shut You Down! [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray


Mike Lindell received a call from a banking representative who asked him to remove his bank accounts from Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank & Trust before they shut him down.

In the call, the sniveling bank representative explained how banking is a “privilege,” and how they can’t shut down your account because of the color of your skin, but they can apparently shut you down over your political views. The banking rep. explained that they don’t have an actual reason for shutting down Mike’s My Store (an Amazon competitor) or his Lindell Recovery Center, a non-profit, Christian-based recovery center for addicts and alcoholics that is completely free of charge for patients. Frank Speech is also one of the accounts that apparently offends the Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank & Trust.


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