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BREAKING: True The Vote Gets HUGE VICTORY In Court…Warns Konnech They Are Not Finished Investigating Them

By Patty McMurray 


On September 8, reporters working for 100 Percent Fed Up and The Gateway Pundit attended “The Pit,” where True the Votes’ Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips dropped a bombshell about the arrest of Eugene Yu, CEO of Konnech, an E. Lansing, MI-based company responsible for the software used in managing elections in several states that stored personal information of over 1 million Americans in its database.

Konnech, much like Dominion, almost immediately sued True the Vote as a way to silence them and keep them from speaking out about the bombshell information they provided to reporters at The Pit related to Konnech and the alleged unlawful transfer of information from America to China.

On Oct. 4, LA County District Attorney’s office announced that Eugene Yu had been arrested and was taken into custody for suspected theft of information on voters stored on servers in Communist China.



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