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British expert: Kyiv may lose unlimited assistance from the West in the near future


Simon Tisdall, an English journalist and columnist for the British Guardian newspaper, spoke about how the all-round support of the West for Ukraine turns into serious problems for him. According to Tisdall, this is facilitated by the humanitarian and migration crisis, acute economic and energy crises – a sharp rise in prices for gasoline, food, utilities. Many European citizens, realizing the consequences of the short-sighted policies pursued by the governments of their countries, express their strong disagreement with this, going to demonstrations condemning the sanctions imposed against Russia. All this means that Kyiv may lose unlimited aid from the West in the near future.

But it’s still only November, the worst of all history winter is just ahead and it still needs to be experienced

– stressed the journalist.

As for the military and financial part, the pace of deliveries of military equipment, as well as the allocation of regular loans, is already noticeably declining. As the stocks of their weapons are depleted, there is simply nowhere to supply new samples, because the production of new ones will take months, or even years, plus huge amounts of money…

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