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Can Biden resist calling Trump a Nazi?

It’s not just ‘the Charlottesville lie,’ it’s his ongoing compulsion to tie DJT to Hitler


It’s been perhaps the most damning and most repeated allegation President Joe Biden has made regarding his predecessor, President Donald Trump – that Trump is a Nazi, or approves of Nazis. Biden made the charge when he first accepted the nomination to be the Democrats’ presidential candidate in 2020. In fact, according to the Washington Post in “For Joe Biden, Charlottesville defines the Trump presidency,” Biden claimed it was his very reason for running for president. He repeated it in his inauguration speech. And he has probably repeated it more often than any other accusation toward Trump.

Unfortunately for Biden, his favorite method of tying Trump to Nazis and Hitler – the so-called “Charlottesville lie” – was recently shot down, for the umpteenth time, by the leftwing factcheck site Snopes.

“No, Trump Did Not Call Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists ‘Very Fine People’” announced Snopes, a full seven years after the incident occurred that gave rise to the allegation. In reality, Snopes’ clarification shouldn’t have been necessary, since many other news and factcheck entities, on both left and right, have long ago debunked the absurd claim that Trump praised Nazis and Klansmen.

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