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Can we tolerate a Speaker McCarthy?

As of the writing of this article (Tuesday evening Jan 3, 2023), three votes for the Speaker of the House have been taken.  The last vote, the “no” votes for Kevin McCarthy increased from 19 to 20 members of the Republican Party.  So 202 members still support McCarthy.  The 20 votes were cast for Jim Jordan, who flatly refuses to take the job.  He wants to lead the Judiciary Committee, which he is suited to do.  The few opponents of McCarthy are dividing the party, not uniting It, despite their protestations (as described by Rep. Lauren Boebert).

I must state clearly that I expected a larger Republican wave in November.  Now I accept that our leadership and the most ardent proponents of conservatism within the party are in a death clash.  This is the reason the red wave never occurred.

The swamp (in this case, the bureaucracy) is a threat to our republic.  Clearly, they have impacted several elections.  They work with the aid of Democratic administrations to maintain and extend their control.  The FBI leadership, for instance, do not love Biden, but they know they can manage him, whereas Trump is a loose cannon who would resist their influence.  This is the reason they continue to go after him.

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