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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Warns: ‘Rethink’ Using ‘Offensive’ Terms Like ‘Brainstorm,’ ‘Blind Spot’


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), with the help of “anti-racist and language experts,” compiled a list of “offensive” terms, including “blackmail,” “inner city,” “spooky,” “tribe,” “savage,” “blind spot,” “tone deaf,” and even “brainstorm,” warning readers to “think twice” before using them, and claiming sensitivity was more valuable than free speech.

In an essay titled “Words and phrases you may want to think twice about using,” CBC News reporter Priscilla Ki Sun Hwang presented a list [in bold] of “insensitive” words to be avoided.

“Have you ever casually used the terms ‘spirit animal,’ ‘first-world problem,’ or ‘spooky’?” the piece begins. “It might be time to rethink your use of these phrases and remove them from your daily lingo.”…

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