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Posts published in “Life Skills”

Texas side of Stateline Road is covered in snow while Arkansas boasts a plowed strip as Lone Star State is hit by ANOTHER storm, 3.4M are still without power and 33 die across the South amid freezing weather

By LAUREN FRUEN and JENNIFER SMITH FOR DAILYMAIL.COM Footage taken by professional storm chaser Charles Peek shows cars on the Texas side of Stateline Road dealing with icy…

Hackable Humans, Data Colonialism; Jewish Professor Harari Lecture On Davos’ Genocidal Agenda For The “Useless Class” (Whitney Webb, 1/31/21) – Gang Stalking, Mind Control and Cults

By Eric Karlstrom Dump Davos #1: Data Colonialism & Hackable Humans Posted on January 31, 2021 Author Whitney Webb Comment(0) In this video series investigating…

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