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CD Media Big Data Poll: Georgia Voters Have Little Faith In Election Fairness, Party Leadership Neutrality

Democrats Trust Party, State Leaders on Elections More than Republicans, Independents

The CD Media Big Data Poll in Georgia finds Democratic voters trust their party and state leaders to remain neutral in primaries and oversee fair elections more than other voters. Republicans and independents have little faith in party and state leaders to conduct primary and general elections fairly.

Thinking about primary elections, how much trust do you have in your party leaders to remain neutral and allow voters to decide on nominees?

When it comes to party neutrality in primaries, a third (33.3%) of Democratic voters say they have “a great deal” of trust in their party leaders. That compares to roughly only 1 in 5 (21.3%) Republicans and 1 in 10 (10.3%) independent and third party voters.

One-third of Republicans (33.3%) and a majority (57.4%) of independents at least expressed they have “not very much” trust, to include “none at all” coming in at 5.0% and 17.4%, respectively.

Only 3.5% of Democrats said “none at all”.



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