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CDC Releases Aggressively Stupid Pamphlet on ‘Social Gatherings, Safer Sex and Monkeypox’


This is not a family post OK?

As world health authorities inch closer to acknowledging that Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease circulating almost exclusively among gay men, the CDC has posted an insanely idiotic pamphlet, subtly addressed to the gay community, on how “you can make informed choices when you are in spaces or situations where monkeypox could be spread through close, intimate contact or during sex.”

The CDC are very clear that they only want to help you make informed choices. They’d never dream of telling you not to have gay sex, which is a core rite of western representative democracy that can never be suspended for any epidemiological reason whatsoever. In this, gay sex is much different from childhood education, everyday social interactions, economic and business activities, peaceable assembly, worship services, walks outside, and dying in the company of friends and family, which are frivolous luxuries up for repeal every flu season…

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