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CFACT Undercover: Mission Salt Lake City


The UN is hosting its 68th “Civil Society Meeting” this week in Salt Lake City. Arriving from around the world, the event features 5,000 attendees who are drawn from some 300+ NGO’s and representatives from 80 countries that are currently busy at work strategizing how to better promote and impose UN “sustainability goals” in their communities.

CFACT is there … undercover!

According to our inside operative, the event kicked off in typical UN “save the earth” fashion – namely with an exorbitant, festive opening celebration at the outdoor Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City.

There, thousands of attendees enjoyed free, unlimited food from some 20 food trucks and concessions serving all sorts of goodies like gourmet pizza, sushi, Greek salad, Indian curry, Hawaiian pulled pork, chicken satay, veggies with humus, beef tacos, sweet treats to name a few. An assortment of free beer, wine, and sodas was also at their disposal, while a local tribe performed ceremonial dances, bands played, and people danced into the warm summer night.

The hypocrisy could not have been more on display.

The shamelessness of UN bureaucrats and their NGO lackeys living so high on the hog while preaching austerity continues to astound even casual observers. Indeed, the very notion of flying 4-5,000 people around the world largely for the purpose of urging other to lower their carbon footprint, as CFACT recently pointed out, is self-evidently hypocritical to all – all except them.


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