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Children’s hospital gender program navigator touts giving uteruses from ‘live donors’ to trans women

By Kristine Parks


The transgender advocate said helping trans women get pregnant was ‘one of the main reasons I do the work that I do’

Pittsburgh children’s hospital is under fire after its gender program navigator advocated for helping transgender women get pregnant by giving reproductive organs to them from live donors.

In a presentation on “Fertility in the LGBTQIA+ community” last May that went viral this week, the community navigator for a youth gender program at the University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital discussed the criteria the medical community uses for gender transition in adolescents, as well as a 2018 study on uterine transplants for transgender patients.

“One area that had not been looked at before in any serious way was could the donors be live donors?” Alicyn Simpson, who works with the hospital’s pediatric Gender and Sexual Development Program, asked. “Live donation has been something the [transgender] community has talked about for decades, it was really thought about as magical thinking.”




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