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Chris Wallace Mocks Tucker Carlson for Putin Interview, Promptly Gets Flambéd by Greg Gutfeld

By Bob Hoge


Remember former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace? He used to be a prominent feature on the news channel until he jumped ship for CNN, where he promptly faded into obscurity. Things haven’t been going well for Mike Wallace’s son over at the liberal bastion:


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Remember when Wallace hosted the 2020 presidential debate between Trump and Biden and constantly interrupted the former while seeming to root for the latter? Yeah, so do a lot of other folks.

So, when Wallace tried to own Tucker Carlson over his recent interview with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, it didn’t go well. Wallace tried to compare Carlson – who once called Wallace a “bitchy little man” – to an “eager little puppy,” and said the talk was “anything but an interview.”

“Tucker Carlson showed up in Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin. It turned out to be anything but an interview,” Wallace said Saturday. “Putin droned on for two hours and seven minutes while Tucker sat there like an eager puppy. Occasionally, but rarely, he got in a question.”

Wallace continued, “But more telling than what Tucker asked is what he didn’t ask. Nothing about why Putin invaded a sovereign country, nothing about targeting civilians, nothing about Russian war crimes. A reporter can ask Putin a tough question if he wants a real interview.”

Then Wallace thought he was hitting the point home when he called Carlson a “useful idiot”:

“But apparently that’s not why Tucker went to Moscow. During the Cold War, gullible Westerners who spread Soviet propaganda were dismissed as ‘useful idiots.’ But calling Tucker that is unfair to useful idiots. He’s made a cynical decision to chase MAGA’s affection for dictators, and what better way to cash in than Putin’s Kremlin.”

The fact is, Tucker’s interview – which has a staggering 193 million views as of this writing – was far more compelling than anything Wallace has done in recent years. Did Tucker get in Putin’s face, and start screaming for answers and calling him a murderous dictator – all while standing on foreign soil surrounded by intimidating Putin thugs? Don’t think so.

No, but he let the ruler speak; that’s quite different than saying he wholly endorsed him and was about to start a cheerleading squad for the ruthless dictator.

Letting someone speak does not automatically mean you endorse their ideas, a notion that the left has completely forgotten in their efforts to quash discourse. Also, illuminating just what the hell is going on in Putin’s mind might be helpful in figuring out how to deal with him…


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