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CIA whistleblower: Mueller’s FBI computers spied on Trump and SCOTUS

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

Posted: July 13, 2017

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, currently Special Counsel in the Russia investigation, provided FBI computers to a secret CIA/NSA surveillance program that was launched in 2004. That program morphed into a domestic surveillance program that spied on Donald Trump and his associates.

This is according to former CIA/NSA/DIA subcontractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and his attorney Larry Klayman.

According to Montgomery:


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  1. molon molon November 9, 2021

    I would be looking at Roberts among others
    but we know the corrupt
    injustice agencies won’t, much like hunter and brandon

  2. YogicCowboy YogicCowboy November 9, 2021

    Whenever I now read or hear, “has a sterling reputation,” I think:


    Whenever I now read or hear, “is a billionaire philanthropist,” I think:


  3. Brett M Short Brett M Short November 10, 2021

    Why isn’t Mueller and his cabal in prison right now? Why isn’t Clinton and her cabal in prison right now? The country is being f*ed by Liberals and Communists. These traitors to the Republic deserve DEATH! Lyin’ Trump f*ed the people by not prosecuting and jailing Clinton.

  4. Robert Newman Robert Newman November 10, 2021

    I think it’s time for ALL of the alphabet agencies to have a deep cleaning and total, thorough background checks going back to age 18. Any security indiscretions result in immediate termination, trial for treason and life in prison.
    Any civil servant that has amassed any substantial wealth has to be tried and required to forfeit said wealth. Just how does one go into public service and come out a multi-millionaire?

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