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Cleveland Clinic Delays Ohio Man’s Kidney Transplant Days Before Surgery Over Unvaccinated Donor


A vaccinated Ohio man who is in dire need of a new kidney is having his surgery delayed due to the Cleveland Clinic’s new policy requiring coronavirus vaccinations for organ transplant recipients and donors.

After more than a year of pain, tests, and finally finding a match, Mike Ganim was just days away from getting a new kidney before the Cleveland Clinic announced that patients on the transplant list — as well as living donors — are now required to be vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus, according to a report by News 5 Cleveland.

Ganim, 52, who was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease when he was 27, had his health turn for the worse in March 2020 when he developed a blood clot that sent him to the hospital. That’s when doctors at the Cleveland Clinic told him there was no time to waste, and that he needed a kidney transplant.


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  1. holly holly October 14, 2021

    I am from Ohio and this is disgusting… Mandates are not laws… This hospital is choosing to let someone die because of politics. It is proven time and time again that vaccinated individuals carry and spread and contract Covid just as much or more as unvaccinated. This is nothing but political BS… Look at the countries they have over 80% vaccination rate, their Covid rates are skyrocketing! From what I have heard here in the state of Ohio… The Cleveland clinic was one of the few hospitals that said they would absolutely not mandate the vaccine for workers… I have so much respect for them until reading this article!

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