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Cleveland Safety Director Has Wrong Idea About City’s Problems

By Tom Knighton

The city of Cleveland has some problems.

In that way, they’re not all that different from a lot of other large urban communities. There’s something about packing people in that tightly that makes problems seem so much worse. The more multi-family homes you have, the more you see violent crime.

So Cleveland isn’t unique in this.

Nor are they unique in trying to address the problems, obviously.

Speaking with local news, the city’s safety director talked a bit about what Cleveland looks to do to address the issues. Some of it sounds pretty sensible.

Cleveland Safety Director Karrie Howard tells 3News’ Kierra Cotton the city is focused on finding creative outlets for the youth as well as employment opportunities, hoping to increase the number of positive interactions they have with our youth.

Probably not bad ideas. Employment opportunities will probably do a lot more good than just potentially reduce violent crime, so that’s a big win even if it doesn’t do anything about violence.

So far, so good, right?

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