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CNN employees tell Dylan Byers that ‘things have never been worse’

by Brett T.

If you believe what you’re hearing from liberals, CNN has gone under its new ownership from being slightly right-of-center to full-on Fox News. CNN’s online subscription service, CNN+, was pulled after less than a month, and in perhaps the biggest blow, media reporter Brian Stelter was let go. Dylan Beyers says that at least 20 CNN employees have called or texted him to say that “things have never been worse” at the network.

Byers writes:

When Chris Licht was named chairman and chief executive of CNN, some mere eight months ago, he told employees that his boss, David Zaslav, had given him “one simple directive: to ensure that CNN remains the global leader in NEWS.” The mandate, with its all-caps emphasis on “news,” was actually more nuanced than Licht suggested, and contained within it the seeds of the Zaz-Lichtian thesis for what CNN should be, and what it shouldn’t.

It must have been tough to hear that the new boss wanted the focus to be on the news…

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