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CNN Host Snipes at GOP Rep: ‘What Does This Have to Do With Joe Biden? Let’s Talk About Donald Trump!’

By Levon Satamian 


CNN is at it again, this time with host Boris Sanchez having Trump campaign Pennslyvania co-chair, Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA), on the show to discuss the 2024 election and snapped at the congressman for mentioning President Joe Biden when discussing what took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

Nearly every major media outlet will not let the January 6 story go until after the election (if we are lucky).

As Rep. Meuser was talking about Trump’s record in office, Sanchez mentioned that one question he is certain will come up during the debate will be what took place on January 6.

Sanchez asked:

You were there that day, you helped Capitol police secure the Capitol as it was being attacked by rioters. You’ve spoken very openly about how you think that kind of violence should be denounced. Donald Trump has not done that. How would you like to see him handle that subject?

Meuser responded to the question, saying:

Well, it was a very very ugly day here, I’m in the Capitol right now, nothing in between. it was an ugly day, it certainly should be denounced … most of those people, by the way, in my view, because they were carrying oxygen tanks and all kinds of other equipment, I don’t believe were even at the rally. So the idea of trying to pin it on President Trump’s words, I think, falls way short.

He continued, talking about how he believes Trump will address the question during the debate:

So I do think the President would address it for what it was, for what the American people saw, and denounce it, and move on.

When discussing pardoning some of the January 6 prisoners, Meuser mentioned Biden, and Sanchez quickly interrupted, saying, “What does this have to do with Joe Biden? Let’s talk about Donald Trump!”

Meuser tried finishing the point he started, saying:

Chestnut Avenue and many cities, including here in Washington, D.C., were destroyed during the riots, people’s livelihoods were destroyed, and Kamala Harris helped pay the bail to get those violent folks out…


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