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Code Pink Showed Up at Jake Tapper’s House and Got Quite the Surprise

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa

Let’s get something out of the way here: bravo to these kids. I’d never suspect that the children of a CNN host would react this way when besieged by a bunch of raving lunatics over the war in Gaza. Code Pink dispatched some of their goons to the home of CNN host Jake Tapper, peddling terrorist talking points, long-debunked false narratives about Israel, and, of course, the myth of genocide in the region, the far-left’s pièce de resistance

Bonchie at RedState had this first, but Tapper’s kids waved to the Code Pink clowns and played the Star-Spangled Banner. No one cares about spilled terrorists, so, by all means, keep laughing, waving, and mocking these clowns. Watch the video—they’re all unhinged:


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