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COLLUDING COP Caught Red-Handed on Camera LYING ON THE STAND! Stunning Partial Victory in J6 Trial VIDEO Shows it Was DC Cops Who Cut Tarps on Bleachers – Not Protesters!

By Cara Castronuova

by Mel Hawley


Last Thursday, in the DC District swamp, the jury for the Jan. 6 trial in the case of USA v K. Joseph Thomas produced a stunning verdict, bringing the government’s narrative to its knees.

The testimony of crooked prosecution witness MPD Police Officer Campanale was shattered by the defense team as his accusations against the defendant proved with the government’s own evidentiary video that he accused Thomas of crimes he committed himself. Campanale and other officers of the MPD had cut the tarps on the bleachers before any protestors were under the bleachers. The government has blamed protesters for this damage, even though there is exculpatory evidence they have possession of Metro Police Officers cutting the tarp down with knives themselves.

Defense attorney, Roger Roots stated:

“Certainly, those major cuts on the top of the tarp were done by members of the Metro Police Department, including Campanale. In fact, even in the Proud Boy trial, I sat there as the government presented evidence of all this damage, including the torn tarp as part of the damage that they let the jury believe had been done by either the Proud Boys or supporters of the Proud Boys…”



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  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger June 8, 2023

    When will they be charged for lying under oath? Like maybe NEVER?

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