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Colorado Won’t Name 31,000 Foreign Citizens It Sent Voter Registration Info, So Counties Have No Idea If They Voted



Colorado officials are still refusing to cooperate with local counties after the secretary of state’s office sent more than 31,000 foreign nationals postcards on how to register to vote in time for the 2022 midterms.

According to a newly released report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), the Colorado secretary of state’s office has refused to give county election officials the names of foreign nationals who received voter registration instructions in their counties back in October. According to documents obtained by PILF, Deputy Secretary of State Christopher Beall refused to give the names of 54 foreign nationals who were mailed the voter registration postcards in Moffat County.

A spokesman for Beall told a Moffat County official there were “potential legal issues that need to be addressed before lists of erroneous recipients in each county can be shared” and that he did not have a timeline for when such issues would be resolved — “or if they can be at all.”





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  1. Sean Sean January 10, 2023

    Time to show up outside their office with torches and pitchforks

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