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Commercial Ship on Fire After Houthi Missile Attack, Crewmember Injured



U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said on Thursday that a Palau-flagged, Ukrainian-owned, Polish-operated bulk carrier called MV Verbena was sailing through the Gulf of Aden when it was hit by two anti-ship missiles launched by the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists of Yemen.

A fire broke out on the ship after the missile strikes and one of its crewmembers was severely injured.

CENTCOM said aircraft from the USS Philippine Sea, Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, “medically evacuated the injured mariner to a partner force ship nearby for medical attention.”

“This continued reckless behavior by the Iranian-backed Houthis threatens regional stability and endangers the lives of mariners across the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden,” CENTCOM said. “The Houthis claim to be acting on behalf of Palestinians in Gaza and yet they are targeting and threatening the lives of third country nationals who have nothing to do with the conflict in Gaza.”

“The ongoing threat to the ability to safely transit the region caused by the Houthis makes it harder to deliver critical assistance to the people of Yemen as well as to Gaza,” the statement noted…


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