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Commie AOC: Abortion Is Part of ‘Class Struggle,’ Pro-Lifers Help Big Corporations Maintain Large Workforce



Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Workers of the World Unite) on Thursday tweeted a video of herself explaining why abortion is a “class issue and class struggle,” thereby demonstrating an even more open Marxism than this avowed socialist has shown up to now. In the process, AOC demonstrated the catastrophic illogic and counterfactual nature of Marxist thinking, and showed why, underneath her ditzy exterior, she is truly dangerous for the prospects of the United States remaining a free society.

Along with the video, AOC tweeted: “Abortion rights are a class struggle too. When the powerful force people to give birth against their will, they trap millions into cycles of economic setback and desperation. Especially in a country without guaranteed healthcare. And desperate workers are far easier to exploit.” In the video herself, she expanded on this, saying…



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