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Communist Overlords At YouTube Delete Viral Interview With Dr. Cole Revealing Covid Jabs Have Killed More People Than All Vaccines In The Last 20 Years Combined

By  Maggie Mitchell

Dr. Ryan Cole is next on the list

Communists at YouTube removed a viral video of the doctor explaining the dangers brought by COVID jabs.

Dr. Cole owns and operates Cole Diagnostics. He is not a fan of lockdowns and quarantine. That’s not all. He is not a fan of mRNA vaccines either.

The doctor did his best to show everyone that he is not anti-vaccine. He just detests experimental vaccines.

“We’ve seen more deaths from this shot than all vaccines in the last 20 years combined — and that’s just in the first 4 to 5 months,” he said in an appearance on Rose Unplugged 1320 WJAS.

The Idaho doctor discussed a recent study showing that 3% of all side effects from COVID jabs will be permanent.

“If you figure 100 million people got the shots, that’s 3 million with a permanent injury.”

COVID vaccines were never approved because they cause hyperimmune reactions in the long run.

“Never in the history of humanity have we quarantined the well,” Dr. Cole said arguing that lockdowns don’t work to stop the spread of Covid.

The Gateway Pundit shared the explosive interview earlier this week. It went viral. Well, YouTube tries to shut it down.

Luckily, it’s available on Rumble.

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