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Comparing Vaccines

By Michael Applebaum, M.D.

So, how do the COVID vaccines (grouped together for this piece) compare to other vaccines?

I’ll tell you. But first, I gotta disclaim:

1. Yes. I am a medical doctor.

2. No. I am not your doctor.

3. No. I am not providing you with medical advice.

4. Yes. I do not know you.

5. What you choose to do re: the COVID vaccine is a choice made among (you) + (your physician) + (whomever else you decide to include) +/- (government/employer mandates). I am completely out of it as far as your health care choices are concerned.

As always, it is important to define our terms. For example, when I say “chair,” you may conjure an image very different from the one I do.

When it comes to vaccines, vaccinations, and immunity/immunization the definitions depend on the year.

According to the CDC:


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