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Complete list of attacks on supporters of President Trump

Only a handful  – if that –  of hate crimes against Trump supporters are reported by the mainstream media.  That’s why here at Milne News we thought we would do what we are famous for and report the truth.

With the help of who have made a brilliant reference, you can see below the complete list (so far) of the 391 attacks on Trump supporters from 2015 to now.

Complete List Of Incidents of Hate Against Trump Supporters

Man arrested for hitting and choking retired Navy Seal Trump supporter

Michigan high school student attacked by teacher for wearing ‘Women for Trump’ badge

14-year-old kid violently attacked on school bus for supporting Trump

Vero Beach man charged with battery for spitting on Trump supporter and hitting his MAGA hat

Woman punched in side of head outside President Trump’s rally in Minnesota

Man Assaulted by Angry, Drunk Mob For Wearing MAGA Hat into Portland Bar

New York man viciously beaten for wearing ‘MAGA’ hat, says teens shouted ‘F— Trump!’ (July 2019)

You’re not going to see a list like this in the mainstream media anytime soon.



  1. Jeff Fletcher Jeff Fletcher January 28, 2020

    The time is upon us to defend and protect and I think as election time approaches it becomes, very clear that the crazies will have stepped into
    the light and we will have to fight for our right to this place we call America because I will not give into this madness that the lefties want to force
    feed us, the cesspool must be drained

  2. Joseph Salthouse Joseph Salthouse January 28, 2020

    AND these are just the reported ones. I bet there are many more un-documented ones. I’ve seen are vehicle in town with its rear-window busted out. The Trump Pence bumper sticker was likely the trigger. This results in a vast number of Trump supporters to decide against bumper sticker or yard sign support. We know that our Socialist opponents are ruthless cowards, who prefer to only attack when they know that they can get away with it. Notice the LACK of ANTIFA attacks on the recent 2A rally in Virginia!

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