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Congresswoman charges ‘elder abuse’ responsible for Biden’s catastrophic debate

By Bob Unruh


‘It is time to put him out to pasture’.

Joe Biden’s performance in the presidential debate this week revealed him to be a senior citizen without a firm grasp on thought, words, or policy. Even facts.

And there’s one person to blame for the situation that involved a senior American politician becoming a laughingstock.

Jill Biden.

That’s according to U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-Wyo., who was quoted in a report by the Cowboy State Daily that, “What Jill Biden and the Biden campaign did to Joe Biden tonight — rolling him out on stage to engage in a battle of wits while unarmed — is elder abuse, plain and simple.”

Democrats, in fact, have openly been wondering whether they need to replace Biden on the 2024 ticket, a move with which he has said he will not cooperate.

“No one who saw him in the 2020 debates would recognize him as the same man, because he is a ghost of his former self,” Hageman said…


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