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Connecticut’s School Mask Policy Would Put a ‘Scarlet Letter’ on Unvaccinated Athletes: Student Leader

By Bill Pan

Connecticut has put on hold, at least for now, a new school sports guideline that would have made masks a visible identifier of COVID-19 vaccination status for student athletes across the state.

The policy was developed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, the governing body of the state’s scholastic athletic programs. If implemented as scheduled on Dec. 23, it would keep unvaccinated student athletes masked, but give their vaccinated peers the option to not wear masks during sports competitions.

In a Dec. 22 announcement, Connecticut Public Health Commissioner Manisha Juthani said the mask guideline had to be pulled back because of “the rapid rise in COVID-19 community case rates and the emergence of this more contagious variant.” Those who voiced against the policy, however, argued that it was not only a violation of medical privacy, but it would also turn schools into a discriminatory and punishing environment for students already struggling with psychological stress…


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