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Connecting Dots: COVID To SVB And Beyond


Authored by Sheryl Kaufman via


The next logical step is for the government to insure all bank deposits, which is tantamount to nationalizing the entire banking system. But to what end?

A collection of seemingly random crises can spell out a sinister “conspiracy theory” when you consider their connections and where they are leading.

An overplayed plot? Perhaps, but how many so-called conspiracy theories have proven to be reality recently?

First, the world economy shut down with the COVID lockdown.

Manufacturing stopped and capital construction projects were put on hold. No one was making anything, and consumers were buying very little.

The government injected huge amounts of cash to stimulate spending, even though there wasn’t much to spend it on: witness supply chain issues. This cash was created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve. Household savings rates rose to new highs. Personal and commercial bank deposits soared.

Consider banks, a confounding inversion of logic for most consumers. While it seems odd to think that a loan is an asset and a deposit is a liability, it makes sense when you realize that making loans is the method banks use to make money. Every time a bank takes in a deposit, they try to loan that money out as quickly as possible to put it to work making income for the bank. If no one is applying for loans, the bank invests the money in bonds to earn a little interest.





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