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CNN: Rick Wilson Tells Melania To “Be Infected” With The Coronavirus

On Wednesday evening, CNN contributor Rick Wilson told Melania Trump to become infected with the Coronavirus in a disgusting new tweet.

Replying to news that Melania Trump would be appearing in coronavirus PSAs, the ex-GOP strategist who often appears on CNN and MSNBC, tweeted “Be Infected”.

The coward deleted his tweet, but screenshots live forever:


Moments after his disgusting tweet, Conservatives EXPLODED on the liberal shill.

One user even notified Twitter’s “Safety Team”, asking “Is it okay to promote the hurting/killing of the First Lady?”

Many others weighed in as well…

Coronavirus Trump CNN

“Wishing harm on anyone is beyond deranged. You are mentally ill”

Coronavirus Trump CNN

Mark Dice


“You obviously are with the liberal pathogen.”

Ian Miles Cheong


“This is not very principled.”

Coronavirus Trump CNN

Katie Pavlich


What is your reaction to this CNN scum wishing harm on our First Lady?



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  1. Doug Miller Doug Miller March 20, 2020

    Who is Rick Wilson?

  2. John W John W March 20, 2020

    No words can express the Dumbness and Stupidity from this poor excuse of a Human being!…. Mental Illness, caused by extreme Hatred and revenge causes a Person to look as diseased on the outside, as the inside! Just look at this contaminated Animal! God Bless Melania and the Whole Trump Family! Thank God we have Donald Trump as our great President and Friend of all American’s! Any News Agency who would NOT fire an Employee for this Insane Action should be stripped from the Air Waves, boycotted and Commended!

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