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Corporate America Promotes Satanist Depopulation Agenda


(Left, Display at the entrance to a Target store in Seattle)
The promotion of gender dysphoria is designed to undermine heterosexual marriage and family and thereby reduce the population. Most banks and corporations are controlled by the Communist Jewish central banking cartel.
Reader- “I have teenage boys and believe me, they are rebelling against this crap. They make the most un PC  jokes and it’s literally becoming ridiculous to them . “Mom are you gender-queer, what’s up with the organic potato chips?” Henry, they can’t change the obnoxious teen boy species . Seeing this display at target just.makes me roll my eyes . They’ll have to mark these down or donate because no one is buying this crap.”

The Decade of Vaccination: WHO Estimates “Vaccines” Will Reduce the World’s Population by 15%

David Martin, PhD, presents evidence that Covid-19 injections are not vaccines, but bio-weapons that are being used as a form of genocide across the global population.

andy-657399384.jpg(Andy Ngo, 36, is the only writer with the cohones to challenge and exposse the Commie Jewish sponsored Antifa)
Dark Origins of Antifa, Exposing Their Aim to Overthrow America, and How the Media Grants Them Legitimacy: Andy Ngo

We sit down with Andy Ngo to discuss his work at exposing Antifa, their aims, their goals, as well as the strange bed-fellows that they’ve found: mainstream politicians and the mainstream press.


A day after New York Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt called Major League Baseball’s COVID-19 protocols “ridiculous,” his manager backed his pitchers right to speak his mind.

The Nuclear Hoax: What Really Happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki

This video is brilliant. This is one of the best videos on the whole nuclear bomb hoax. I glad it is spreading around. Also, you might enjoy my channel as I speak in a similar manner.

The Top 10 Creepiest and Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

In a video titled “How our lives could soon look” (read my full article about it here), the WEF invites viewers to “take a peek at the future”. And it is BLEAK. It is all about making COVID life permanent.

Ken-M-953894174.jpgKen Matthews had his nationally syndicated radio program abruptly canceled last week for speaking the truth about something, not sure exactly what.

Ken is based out near Harrisburg, PA and one of four hosts who carried on for Rush Limbaugh before and after his passing.


Edward Hendrie
The pharmaceutical companies, CDC, NIH, and FDA all know that vaccines will unavoidably cause injuries. They have no interest in mitigating the damage caused by vaccines because those injuries make the pharmaceutical companies rich through the patent medicines they sell to address the injuries caused by the vaccines.

Zelensky FIRES security chief and state prosecutor after HUNDREDS of cases of treason and collaboration with Russia among officials were uncovered

Ivan Bakanov, head of the security service, was sacked by Zelensky on Sunday
Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova who was tackling war crimes was fired
Zelensky said 60 officials were colluding with Russia against Ukraine

Suspended but not fired

   slavery-huxley.pngDozens of fully jabbed tourists in Italy have died “suddenly and unexpectedly” in the last 24 hours, according to authorities.

Blogger Tom Stahl reports, “At the beginning of July, in just 24 hours,  at least 11 vacationers dropped dead on Italian beaches.” reports: As of July 2022, almost 48.7 million people in Italy have received two doses of the controversial Covid “vaccines,” roughly 90.1 percent of the total population over 12 years of age. Additionally, three out of four Italians have also received the booster shot.

LGBT ‘propaganda’ faces complete ban in Russia
A new bill compares the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” with war propaganda and inciting national, racial or religious hatred

Chris Pirnak-

“Inflation is a government’s best friend and your worst ally if you work for a living. If a person is not able to keep up with inflation, he or she is taxed terribly, yet unsuspectingly. Even worse, while the public is fighting amongst itself, the government, with the help of the Federal Reserve, is effectively defaulting on its own debt. Last time I checked, the Sun is still coming up in the morning.”


Brad Salzberg

The World Sees Justin Trudeau As A Dictator, So Why Don’t Canadians?
Are Canadians going to awaken one day to find that their country is a post-modern communist state?


noack-1946434686.jpgAndreas Noack was murdered in Nov. 2021  just a few days after uploading his last video to the cloud, about “graphene hydroxide” in inoculations, misnamed vaccines.

Who better than him to judge the matter. He has been perhaps the world expert in “carbon science”, thus understanding better than anyone what carbon, graphite, graphene is, and their properties. And hence its obvious and terrible effects on the body, aside here from intoxication, radiant amplification and neuromodulatory capacity (by nanotransmitter and emitter), which both La Quinta Columna (look for its channel on Odyssee, in addition to his website ) and the North American Dr. Robert Young (bitchute channel: )

He explains that doctors and biologists are somewhat blind on the issue, wanting to contribute this raw reality as a chemical specialist. This additional aspect, then, denounced by the “deceased”, is that this Graphene Hydroxide acts like nano “razor blades” in the body, breaking up the cells, with the hemoglobin and the endothelium -weak because it needs to be completely smooth to function – prominently but not exclusively.
And, let’s understand each other well, it doesn’t matter if this HOG comes from injection, inhalation or ingestion , its “blade” action is the same, even, of course, depending on the amount of the killer effect (which is maximum in inoculations)…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE… – Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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