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Could the INCEL Community be Propelling Mass Shooters?

The press is awash with speculation about the motives of mass shooters in the wake of the recent massacres in public spaces by lone gunmen over the weekend. I believe many people are missing a relevant point when discussing what happened in El Paso and Dayton, the latter of which is my home, and why some people become mass shooters. I live approximately 3 miles from the Oregon district of downtown Dayton, the location of Connor Betts’ insane shooting rampage.

Much speculation still surrounds his motivations, but some facts have already surfaced, such as the fact that he was a registered Democrat, had a political love affair of sorts with Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Satan, and thought antifa was the best thing to happen to America since General George S. Patton (killing Nazis, dontcha’ know). Based on his own statements, he had a desire to see socialism win the day in the U.S.

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