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Counteroffensive from a fictional war. The collapse of the Ukrainian offensive began immediately after it began

By Topwar

I am already accustomed to the fact that almost any material that arouses the interest of readers, during its discussion, reveals additional issues that should be written about specifically. This happens quite often. And this is not a matter of any special demands from readers, or even some kind of biased attitude towards my publications.

The fact is that the publication format does not allow you to cover everything at once. And many of the conclusions that I draw are not visible “right here and now.” I have written many times that a lot of information is not subject to disclosure. Any author writing on war topics is forced to be attentive to the information he uses. These are the realities of war.

Today we will talk about why the Ukrainian counteroffensive actually failed. Why did the spring-summer-autumn campaign, which was so carefully prepared by NATO generals and implemented by the Ukrainian Armed Forces generals, turn into a “meat grinder?” In fact, none of the goals of the “counter-offensive” were realized.

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